Mark Zuckerberg to give everyone $1000 to stop sharing stupid Facebook hoaxes

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised every Facebook user $1,000, but only if everyone stops sharing stupid hoaxes on his social network.

The move comes after timelines have become inundated with ridiculous claims being shared by people stupid enough to think they could get a lot of money for doing literally nothing but sharing a Facebook post, or to believe their account is at risk of hacking because somebody cloned them.

Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page, “Dear GOD you people are stupid. I have asked you all time and time again to stop sharing ridiculous hoaxes about me giving away my money to Facebook users, but none of you have listened.

“So I have decided to sweeten the deal a little.

“If you – and I mean absolutely everyone on Facebook – can stop sharing stupid hoaxes for just one month, I will give every Facebook user $1,000. I don’t see this happening to be honest, as you’re all to gullible.

“Prove me wrong.”

Zuckerberg spoof post

Zuckerberg is said to have implemented a new algorithm on the platform to track hoaxes, and will make the payment to all Facebook users on the first of February if no new hoaxes are identified to have gone viral throughout the user base.

Facebook user Simone Williams told us, “It’s a good offer, but I’ve got one here where I can get a new Range Rover, and all I have to do is share this Facebook post from a dodgy looking page.

“I’d really hate to miss out if this one is real.”