Man finally tires of watching Top Gear repeats

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A local man has been described as ‘weird’ after finally tiring of Top Gear repeats.

Hunstanton resident Simon Williams, 31, is under psychiatric observation after deciding that he ‘couldn’t be arsed’ to watch the one where the Top Gear team build a steam-powered car “yet again”.

Friends have been worried about Simon for some time, but after this latest incident decided to stage an intervention.

Williams told us, “I just said to my mates in the pub that I turned an episode off rather than watch it for the fifteenth time, and they all looked at me funny.

“Then one of the lads went outside and called social services.

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“I dunno what the problem is; I was just saying I wasn’t planning to play Fallout 4.”

Several of Simon’s friends have privately admitted to also being sick of Top Gear on Dave, but have so far not felt confident enough to come out about their wish to try other channels.

“I’m thinking of trying one of the main channels”, one told us.

“I guess I’m Five-curious.”