Shock as people actually shocked by Tory minister’s racism

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There was widespread shock this morning at people being shocked by the revelation that a Tory minister held racist attitudes.

When a memo from the eighties emerged detailing policy adviser Oliver Letwin’s racism, the political world was rocked by revelations that people were actually surprised that a Tory minister thought that black communities had ‘a bad moral attitude,’ and black entrepreneurs would just set up in the ‘drugs and disco trade.’

“Frankly, I find it incredible that this is news,” said political expert Will I. Am.

“Judging from the amount of shock and surprise the memo has generated, one would have thought that it showed that a minister from Margaret Thatcher’s government wasn’t a massive racist.

“Surely the ‘revelation’ that Mr Letwin harboured racist views would be similar to finding out that George Osborne prefers cats to poor people, or David Cameron doesn’t know where the North of England is.”

Mr Letwin has since issued an apology for the memo saying that it ‘was badly worded’ and he meant to include the Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese communities in his comments.

The newly released documents from the eighties contain numerous revelations such as Mrs Thatcher’s favourite member of A-ha; Pål, Leon Brittan’s plans to privatise Wales, and some basic sex education for Geoffrey Howe.