Morons outraged after Storm Frank identifies as Storm Francesca

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Storm Frank has angered morons by announcing it would like to be known as Storm Francesca, after admitting it had always identified as female.

Francesca said that the choice of ‘Frank’ as her name had always felt uncomfortable, and that inside she had always felt female.

The storm told us, “Me being ‘Frank’ was nothing more than a statistical anomaly – it took no account of who I am as a storm.

“Societal conventions tell us that being born with a boy’s name means you must be a boy, but it’s not that simple.

“I’ve always been Francesca inside, and now I’m relieved that everyone else will know me under that name.”

Not everyone has welcomed the change, with complete moron Simon Williams telling us, “This is stupid, how can a storm be a man one minute, and a woman the next?”

“Gender transition is something that makes me personally very uncomfortable, and as such it should definitely be banned and condemned in the strongest possible terms, obviously.”

However many of those within the path of Storm Francesca admitted that they couldn’t care less whether she identified as male or female.

As one Yorkshire resident explained, “Who cares? I certainly couldn’t care less – the storm’s gender doesn’t affect me one iota, and if the storm feels better for being Francesca instead of Frank, then go for it.”

Another told us, “This storm has cost me a fortune and looks like taking my house, so I’m just surprised it didn’t identify as my ex-wife.”