Radiohead reveal rejected theme for Mrs Brown’s Boys

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Radiohead have released the song they recorded to be the theme for the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special.

The song, a brooding, orchestral, post-industrial nine minute piece interspersed with the sound of an old man coughing was ultimately rejected in favour of the standard brass-led theme with some sleigh-bells.

“We’re massive fans of Mrs Brown’s Boys,” said guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

“Particularly the bits where she shows her knickers, which is absolutely hilarious because it’s a man and she’s wearing women’s knickers, I mean that really encapsulates the traditional Radiohead sense of fun.

“So we were upset when they decided against using Crepuscular Pig Anxiety for the Christmas special.

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“Happily we all cheered up when we watched the episode, which was hilarious because she showed her knickers.”

Fans were left bemused by the news.

“A comedy programme?” said Radiohead fan Simon Williams.

“I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the phrase.”

It has been a difficult year for the popular art-rockers who only recently made their rejected theme for the new James Bond film available on their website.

“It’s a shame to have these two pieces rejected but we’ll bounce back,” continued Greenwood.

“Actually, we’ve got a song all ready for the new series of Dora the Explorer called ‘Face Injury Madrigal’ which we’re very hopeful about.”