Dappy under fire for saying ‘we’ when using word ‘Artist’

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Professional musicians have insisted that professional hat-wearer Dappy has no right to use the word ‘artist’ after he used it to describe himself on Twitter.

Facing a public backlash Dappy was quick to explain his use of the word ‘artist’ was not a reference to his profession, but to his background in the music industry.

Music fan Simon Williams,”You just can’t go around applying the word ‘artist’ to yourself if you’re not someone who creates art – whether it be written, painted, or sung.

“I’d find myself in trouble if I said ‘we’ when talking about artists, and so has Dappy – quite rightly. He is to art, what Donald Trump is to diplomacy.”

The former N-Dubz member was quick to apologise on social media.

“I apologise to any genuine musical artists who took offence when I said that ‘we’ have reclaimed the word,” Dappy wrote on Twitter.

“Obviously I’m not an artist, I just meant that when I was in that band jumping around behind my cousin who did the singing, it was an environment kinda similar to what artists actually do.”

Dappy has also received a request from Jamiroquai to stop wearing hats, due to the fact that he is giving professional hat-wearers a bad name.