Corbyn challenges Cameron to annual Mario Kart competition

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Jeremy Corbyn has challenged David Cameron to an annual Mario Kart competition with the other party leaders.

The Labour leader initially challenged the prime minister to an annual TV debate, but it was immediately rejected due to the stultifying dullness of the concept.

However the revised Mario Kart plan has been met with a cautious welcome.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has stated her intention to take part but only if she gets to play as Princess Peach because she is ‘nice and pretty and all the boy characters are stupid.’

Liberal Democrat leader Timothy something-or-other said he was just thrilled to be asked to play with the big boys.

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However, David Cameron is less keen, insisting that playing Mario Kart to be unbecoming of a British prime minister and that he would prefer something more manly and tough like God of War, Total War or Warface.

UKIP have refused any involvement until it can be ascertained whether Mario is a legal immigrant or not.

If the plans go ahead, it is understood that the competition will be screened on Channel 5, just after The World’s Strongest Man and will be hosted by Polly Toynbee who, whilst mainly known for her political punditry, is also the world’s seventh best Mario Kart player.