No pressure, it’s just a game, Manchester United officials tell van Gaal

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Louis van Gaal has been told to relax and just enjoy the season by Manchester United.

Bosses at Manchester United are concerned manager van Gaal may fear for his job and are keen to reassure him that there’s nothing for him to worry about.

Despite a string of losses, team owners have stressed to van Gaal that so long as he’s trying his best then they’re happy.

“It’s important to remember that football is just a game, and it’s the taking part which is important, not winning,” a Manchester United spokesman told us.

“It’s central to Manchester United’s ethos that we’re a caring employer where the happiness of our employees comes first.

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“Louis is obviously playing his heart out and so long as he is then his job is safe.”

Fans have rallied to the manager, insisting their love of the team and its manager are much more important than the shallow and fleeting satisfaction of victory, and that as far as they’re concerned he can stay in the job as long as he likes.

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