Santa receives abuse on twitter after not giving people everything they asked for

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Father Christmas has been on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse on Twitter after failing to bring everything people wanted.

Jolly old Saint Nick, who is best known for bringing people free stuff, failed to deliver everything demanded, unleashing a tidal wave of anger.

The hashtag #occupynorthpole is already trending with thousands of users expressing their dissatisfaction with the gifts delivered.

#santascum and #santamustgo are also gaining traction.

Twitter user SimonWil01 said “I asked for socks, a few books, sensible gun control in America, a diplomatic solution in Syria  AND a pony.”

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“And did I get it? No. WHERE’S MY FUCKING PONY?”

“Why doesn’t @santaclaus just JOIN THE TORIES?”

Santa Claus said he was sorry he couldn’t bring everything people wanted for nothing, but if they want a magic free pony they could always try voting for Jeremy Corbyn.