Woman accidentally ‘Likes’ Facebook post about friend’s cat dying

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A woman’s life is over after she accidentally hit ‘Like’ on a post saying her best friends cat had died.

Local woman Simone Williams saw the grieving, heartfelt post about the death of 15-year-old tabby Mister Shufflebottom who had been her best friend Marie’s closest companion for years, and hit ‘Like’ without thinking twice.

She immediately began packing to leave the country.

The post, which featured pictures of Shufflebottom in happier times, went into great length about the distress caused to Marie by his death from kidney failure and how he had been ‘always there’ after ‘that bastard’ dumped her in 2013.

Speaking from the airport Simone told us, “I was just on complete autopilot. Normally Marie just posts pictures of her cat, cupcakes, Minions pics and memes, and I just hit ‘Like’ without thinking.

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“It was a nanosecond from typing ‘lol’ as well, which might well have cause the end of the entire universe.

“Oh, Christ, what have I done? My entire life is ruined.”

So far Simone has rung Marie eight times and sent fifteen messages, none of which have been answered.