Black Hermione too far-fetched, claims fan who believes in wands and magic

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A black actress playing Hermione Granger takes the suspension of disbelief too far, according to some Harry Potter fans who have no problem with flying broomsticks.

As the cast for new play Harry Potter and Cursed Child was announced, some fans were left confused by the fact that Hermione is not being played by an Emma Watson clone, but by black actress Noma Dumezweni.

Fan Simon Williams told us, “The Harry Potter universe is full of amazing things, like flying motorbike, invisibility cloaks and potions that turn you into someone else – but frankly a black Hermione just isn’t believable.”

“Unless she was turned black by magic? Does it wear off at intermission like with the Polyjuice potion?”

Britain First follower Sharon Watts told us, “I’m a big fan of JK Rowling, but she’s gone too far this time.

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“Hermione is British, she’s not from Bongo Bongo Land. The only magic they do over there is Voodoo. Is that what this play is about? It better bloody not be.”

Producers of the show have told fans not to worry, insisting the play will still delight fans.

As a spokesperson explained, “Those fans who are worried, shouldn’t be. Did you know that black people can act?”

“Well now you do.”