‘Star Wars’ goes viral

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Low-budget underground movie “The Star Wars” has gone viral to become this year’s surprise breakthrough hit.

With no marketing and little publicity, “Star Wars” has broken through to mainstream audiences entirely on its merits of great acting and fine, old-fashioned storytelling.

The film has unexpectedly racked up millions of views in its first 24 hours.

“We took a real gamble with Star Wars,” a clearly pleased Disney executive Simon Williams told us.

“The other studios told us we were crazy. Vampires and superheroes are so hot right now, they said, but we thought we’d go right out there with space.”

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“It was pure gut feeling; we hoped audiences would want to risk something new, and it’s really paid off.”

Stunned by the film’s success, Disney are scrambling to create merchandise to follow up. Suggestions include a toy line, a novelisation and even a sequel has been discussed.

Disney are reported to have approached the brains behind “Star Wars”, George Lucas, for more ideas.

“He says he’s got loads of great ideas to follow up and we’ll probably use them all.”

“What could go wrong?”