The Force Awakens review by man who actually bought Spectre tickets by mistake

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most eagerly awaited movie of the year, and this review will assess the film through the medium of watching a different one.

What I can tell you is that the people who were queueing up for the screening of The Force Awakens seemed very excited, as you would expect, and as I took my seat to watch James Bond’s latest adventure in Spectre I could hear them cheering as the door to their screening opened.

Whilst James Bond took to the big screen before me I couldn’t help but wonder whether JJ Abrams has achieved the seemingly impossible by topping Empire Strikes Back – only time, well, the next two hours, would tell.

Bond himself spent much of the dramatic opening sequence in Mexico looking pensive, as if he too was wondering whether Han Solo would retain his fun wise-cracking side, or whether age and misery had finally caught up with him.

I think maybe they have. Or not.

Gadgets are not a large part of Spectre’s Bond, and this makes us ponder what technology advancements JJ Abrams has brought into the Star Wars universe – are there new blasters? Will the Empire have a new Speeder Bike?  A distracted Bond seemingly oblivious to a massive criminal conspiracy orchestrated by someone who could be his ‘brother’ probably wondered much the same.

With the inevitable arrival of Blofeld, we are led to question whether this transformation is any indication that we might see a similar transformation in Luke Skywalker – the muted cheers from the screen next door seem to indicate that we might.

A dramatic finale which sees Bond trying to escape a massive explosion and shoot a helicopter out of the sky can only be seen as an allegory to the challenges facing the new generation within the rebel alliance as the new Empire take shape, and they too attempt to avoid explosions and shoot at things. Probably.

Overall I would give The Force Awakens Whilst Actually Watching Spectre a 9 out of 10, an experience not to be missed!