Queen’s Speech to focus on her love for Super Mario

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The Queen will use her Christmas address to focus on classic computer game Super Mario Brothers, particularly the original 2D versions.

Her Majesty is well known for her love of classic computer games and for a while in 1983 she held the high-score record for Missile Command, but Super Mario is understood to be her favourite.

“Oh, Her Majesty simply adores Super Mario,” said BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell.

“She considers the gameplay to be both fluid, fun and imaginative and of course, the eponymous Mario reminds her very much of her father.”

It is expected that the speech will be largely about how much better Super Mario is compared to Sonic the Hedgehog which Her Majesty will controversially describe as ‘shit.’

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“It’s a subject the Queen has been keen to cover for years,” continued Mr Witchell.

“This year, it came down to the refugee crisis or Super Mario, so there really was no contest.”

There is some speculation that Her Majesty will demonstrate her prowess with the game by spending a few minutes speed-running the underwater level 2.2 from the original game.

“Oh, I think that’s a lot to hope for,” continued Mr Witchell.

“She’s 89, I don’t think her reflexes are what they were. But I have heard a rumour that she will end the speech by donning a fake moustache and exclaiming ‘It’s-a me, ‘Lizabeth’.”