Father Christmas confirms he is a victim of widespread identity theft

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Father Christmas has revealed he is the victim of widespread identity theft after allowing details of his name and address to be made public.

Christmas, or ‘Santa’ as he prefers to be known, said that investigators had found hundreds of thousands of people pretending to be him in order to gain access to shopping centres, grottos, and even family homes.

“I was shocked and amazed when they showed me the scale of the fraud,” explained Santa.

“These imposters are absolutely everywhere, seemingly oblivious to the pain and inconvenience they’ve caused me, and the people who think they’re dealing with me.

“Who knew that making your name and address readily available on the Internet would lead to so many people stealing your identity? I only wanted a few letters from the children, but these heartless crooks couldn’t wait to take advantage.

“I’ve been told to expect all sorts of bills in the post as these charlatans rack up credit card debt and store credit using my good name.

“What’s more embarrassing is that most of them don’t even look like me. I’ve been on a diet, yet half of these blokes look about five stone overweight.”

Personal security expert Simon Williams told us it could take years for Santa’s credit rating to recover.

He explained, “Let this be a lesson to you all; shred all unwanted personal documents, don’t give out your address to anyone you don’t trust, and try not to wear clothes that can be bought in every fancy dress shop.”