Nurofen to add ‘Feeling you’ve been ripped-off’ to list of side effects

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After admitting products marketed for specific types of pain were identical, drug giant Reckitt Benckiser has agreed to add ‘May cause feelings of being ripped-off’ to *Nurofen’s list of possible side effects.

The pharmaceutical company, who induced feelings of nausea after charging almost double the price of its standard painkiller, have insisted they did not set out to mislead customers.

In a statement that may cause vomiting, a Nurofen spokesperson said: “Yes, we did market different varieties of Nurofen for back pain, period pain, migraine pain and tension headaches.

“Yes, they all contained exactly the same active ingredient.

“Yes, we did charge almost double the price of our standard Nurofen painkiller.

“C’mon, it’s no more misleading than a sale offer that says ‘up to 70% off'”

*If Nurofen products cause frequent urination, nausea or a feeling of being cheated then just buy one of the cheaper alternatives. They all contain the same ingredients.