Man who gets punched in the head for a living in ‘not that bright’ shocker

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A man who gets punched in the head for a living isn’t all that bright, people have been shocked to learn.

The man elected getting punched in the head over a wealth of possible alternative careers including nuclear scientist, entrepreneur, brain surgeon and Nobel-prize winning author because it was his best bet, really.

Observers suggest that getting repeatedly punched in the head thereafter probably hasn’t helped matters.

Head-punching is widely regarded as the sport of choice for people who probably aren’t going to be winning Mastermind any time soon, and clever people who’ve pursued it as a career have usually come to regret it later.

Or ,”Rgrt it ltrrr”, as they put it between spoonfuls.

The suggestion that a head-puncher might win Sports Personality of the year was dismissed yesterday after people cracked up on hearing the word ‘personality’.