Right-wing do-gooders accused of ‘political inaccuracy gone mad’

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Bleeding-heart fascists have been accused of stifling debate in an attempt to stop people highlighting the stupidity of blaming Muslims for everything.

Well-known animal rights activist Tommy Robinson accused his detractors of a “blatant disregard for animal welfare”.

“Halal slaughter is barbaric, and I’m not just saying that to create an excuse to moan about Muslims,” he explained.

“I refuse to eat meat unless the animals are hugged to death by Bernard Matthews himself.”

Gay rights activists Britain First and committed feminists the EDL are amongst other groups who are actively campaigning online.

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“I’m definitely not a gay or a woman but I’ve seen some infographics on Facebook that are truly shocking,” revealed a Britain First spokesman.

Ultra left-wing communist agitator Archbishop Justin Welby hit back at his critics.

“It’s got to the point where you can’t even express any form of human decency or compassion without coming under attack,” he said.

“It’s political inaccuracy gone mad.”

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