Postal votes unfairly discriminate against illiterate UKIP supporters, claims Farage

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Nigel Farage has called for an end to postal voting as it unfairly discriminates against UKIP supporters who struggle with pens, paper and stamps.

With UKIP falling over 10,000 votes behind Labour in the Oldham West and Royton by-election, party leader Nigel Farage insisted the process was unfair, because it wasn’t designed for the average UKIP supporter.

Farage told reporters, “Postal votes require literacy, comprehension, the use of a pen and licking of a stamp – how can we expect our core UKIP supporters to undertake such an arduous process?

“We struggle to get UKIP supporters to a ballot box to put an ‘x’ in the right place, so how are they supposed to vote at home with no-one around to help them?

“The postal vote system is clearly biased towards those people with ability to read, write and walk to a post box – so of course UKIP didn’t do very well.

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“Plus it seems Labour got boxes and boxes of votes from brown people, simply because they went to the trouble of helping those brown people through their local council policies – how is that fair? People voting for the politicians who help them the most isn’t democracy – it’s, it’s, err, something else.

“Reform is needed, and I call for postal votes to be replaced by a process where angrily shouting at the sky is recognised as a vote for UKIP.