David Cameron admits he would have apologised if asked for thirteenth time

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Prime Minister David Cameron has said he would have apologised for calling opposition to his Syrian bombing vote ‘terrorist sympathisers’, if they had only bothered to ask a thirteenth time.

Cameron was asked twelve times during the debate to apologise for the comment and to accept that some people are simply not convinced by his desire to drop bombs in areas where civilians live, but he refused to do so.

However he clarified his position this morning, explaining, “I have no problem offering an apology and retracting such an offensive statement, but I don’t go around apologising willy-nilly by saying sorry.

“I’m fortunate that I’ve never had to apologise for anything, ever, so I won’t start now – not without good reason or encouragement.

“It has to be coaxed out of me, and frankly the right honourable members didn’t do much coaxing, did they?”

Cameron went on to criticise those seeking an apology.

He said, “You have to ask yourself, if someone only asks for an apology twelve times, do they really want that apology? I would say no, they don’t.

“What sort of scaredy-cat gives up after a dozen or so attempts at getting what they want?

“If I gave up every time I was told ‘no’ I would never have got my lovely war.”