Hollyoaks to run story without cheater leaving phone lying about to get caught

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Soap Opera Hollyoaks is to run a plotline which doesn’t feature someone getting caught out after leaving their phone or laptop unattended, they have announced today.

The popular soap has exclusively relied on dishonest people being negligent with texts, messages and internet connections since 1997, and the new plot will mark a major departure for the series.

Regular viewers are said to be shocked by the development, not least the discovery that Hollyoaks has a plot.

“In the new plotline, Freddie gets off with Maxine because he thinks she’s Lisa who is really Sonia but she likes Ben who is cheating on her with Cleo and Cindy,” we were told.

“But Ellie and Grace are out with Jack and see Harry with Holly who are watching John getting off with Lockie – spoilers! – whilst Mac and Leela are breaking into Jason’s house to get his mobile phone.

“But Jason hasn’t left his phone unlocked and open at the text messages like people usually do so they completely fail to get evidence against Nathan. It’s a major, major twist.

“Everything is finally resolved after a letter is found which gives all the details away.”

Fans of the series said this latest story was completely unbelievable, as there’s no way anybody on the show can actually write.