Daniel Sturridge FIFA 2016 avatar out for 6-months with damaged pixels

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Daniel Sturridge’s FIFA 2016 avatar is set to miss the rest of the season with damaged pixels, according to reports this morning.

The Liverpool forward’s character said he was optimistic of a return to full pixelation in time to miss the start of the 2016/17 campaign with glitchy animations.

Sturridge himself wished his avatar a speedy return to full resolution, expressing disappointment at being unable to reacquaint with his namesake during his own forthcoming spell on the sidelines.

“Myself and FIFA Daniel had become very familiar with one another during my latest recovery from injury,” he told reporters.

“But I have to say he is not as life-like as I would like, as he has been available for selection whenever called upon.

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“However his decision to withdraw from FIFA 2016 for the remainder of the season with a number of missing pixels is far more in keeping with my levels of commitment to my club and country.

“I mean just last week I pulled out of the Liverpool Bordeaux game because of a swollen ego.

“It went down dramatically once the gaffer confirmed he wouldn’t have picked me anyway.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp warned the England international his continued excuses were putting his career with club at jeopardy.

“Just last night for the Swansea game he told me he couldn’t start because of a bad ‘disc’.”

“Apparently he’d bought a copy of the new Adele CD.”