Britain First Facebook page removed for crimes against grammar

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Facebook has removed the Britain First Facebook page, claiming their horrific crimes against the English language could be ignored no longer.

The page is renowned for publishing far-right opinions articulated by people with the literacy of a particularly dim seven-year-old child.

Facebook unpublished the page after claims that it repeatedly broke their rules and guidelines for content published on their platform, and the page’s administrators were imprisoned for religiously aggravated harassment.

A spokesperson explained, “We here at Facebook believe strongly in the right to free speech, but we do ask that this speech must be in an identifiable and coherent language.

“Posting offensive content is OK, but not if it’s borderline gibberish smashed into a keyboard by an angry simpleton blaming brown people for all their problems.

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“Most of the posts on the Britain First page read like they were written by a low-IQ Nazi who has suffered a pretty horrific head injury.”

Britain First themselves have claimed the ban is an outrageous affront to our democracy.

A post on their website claimed that “Facebook obviously loves the Muslins and finks dat white peeple are teh devils.”

“They is just fashionistas. They said we is the fashionistas, but we didn’t ban Facebook, did we?”

When asked about the ban, Facebook admitted, “We understand Britain First is unhappy with the decision, that much was sort-of obvious from their complaints.

“We will obviously review any appeal that Britain First might choose to make, but only when they submit one that is both clearly legible and comprehensible.

“Yes, we could be waiting some time.”