Sun readers wondering if it’s okay to start hating France again yet

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Readers of The Sun newspaper have asked if they can start hating France again yet.

After two whole weeks of cross-channel amity and entente cordiale, readers of the nation’s most popular newspaper are starting to feel that you can have too much of a good thing.

News that Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking to actively support France in long-term military operations has been met with dismay by white-van drivers who feel that leaving a newspaper with a Tricolor on the cover on the dashboard might send entirely the wrong message.

“All I ask is to be able to shout ‘Up yours Delors’ again with a clear conscience, but we’re still being best friends and the paper is all ‘Vive la France!” said plumber Simon Williams.

“Standing by someone when they’ve had a tragedy is one thing, but Britain and France being bessies just doesn’t feel natural.

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“At this rate I’m going to have to start buying the Guardian”, he added. “At least they hate the Jews.”

For the moment the paper has told readers that although they must keep singing The Marseillaise, they can start changing the words to “Ou est le papier” again.