Grant Shapps replaced as International Development Minister by Michael Green

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Grant Shapps has been replaced as international development minister by Internet entrepreneur Michael Green.

Shapps was forced to resign after allegations of bullying inside the Conservative party which may have led to the suicide of activist Elliott Johnson.

Mr Johnson’s father had called on Mr Shapps to resign over claims he ignored repeated bullying warnings, and his resignation was quickly followed by the announcement of Michael Green as his replacement.

Shapps resigned in front of the press, claiming he would be doing everything he could to find a replacement before walking behind a small curtain, from which Michael Green appeared in an identical suit and a pair of glasses.

Green told those gathered, “I am delighted to take on this new international development role, though I would like to go on record in saying just how brilliant Grant Shapps has been at it.”

“Honestly, the man is a force of nature – he is incredibly smart, and I would trust him in another senior government role almost straight away, if it was up to me obviously.”

“Which it probably is not, but I just want to put that out there.”

Green then confirmed he planned to do the job in pretty much the same way as Shapps, except for all the bits that we didn’t like.