John McDonnell’s next Commons appearance to feature pratfall and pie to the face

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is to follow-up his hilarious Little Red Book stunt with some classic slapstick comedy for his next Commons appearance.

“I think it’s important that, in these difficult times, Her Majesty’s opposition is on hand to give everyone a good laugh,” said the wacky socialist.

“Jeremy’s been doing his best with that appointment of Ken Livingstone and having a silly beard, but we all need to help out, so I thought I’d get involved with this bonkers Mighty Boosh-esque reference to Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.

“But I am very aware that we need to broaden our appeal. A Chairman Mao reference is going to make the trendy political elite laugh, but I want to have the whole population laughing.

“And what’s going to make everyone laugh more than a pie to the face?”

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It is also expected that Mr McDonnell will arrive for his next Commons appearance in a clown car, the wheels of which will fall off as it comes to a halt. As he exits the car, his trousers will fall down before he trips over a small dog.

Pleasingly for the zany trade-unionist, it seems many Tories already find him hilarious.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that funny,” said one.

“Well, not since that woman cried on Question Time about her Tax credits. I mean, I thought I’d burst.”