Non-nuclear nations like Germany under constant nuclear attack, claim Trident supporters

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We need a nuclear deterrent or we’ll be constantly invaded and bombed like non-nuclear state Germany, according to Trident supporters today.

With the anticipated cost of the replacement for the ageing Trident nuclear programme rising towards £200bn, supporters claim it is essential to spend that money if we don’t want to end up like Germany.

Defence contractor Michael Matthews told us, “These people who say ‘scrap Trident’ have clearly never looked at what happens when a country doesn’t have its own nuclear weapons – like Germany.

“Without that effective nuclear deterrent of their own, Germany is constantly being invaded, and subjected to devastating nuclear bombardments – is that what you want for Great Britain?

“A Trident replacements is absolutely necessary, and anyone who says different clearly hasn’t visited the barren wasteland that was once Berlin.”

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Those against a Trident replacement have admitted Germany has been something of an eye-opener.

Anti-nuclear campaigner Simon Williams told us, “The Trident supporters do have a point I suppose.

“I mean, Germany has wasted the money they could have spent on nuclear weapons on other infrastructure projects for the nation, and all they’ve got to show for it is the fourth largest economy in the world, and the largest in Europe.

“The idiots.”