Minute’s silence to be held to commemorate extinction of the dinosaurs

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A one minute silence will be held next week to mark the 65 millionth anniversary of the death of the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs were wiped out by a massive meteor impact at the K-T event and their sacrifice to allow mammalian life to arise is to be remembered during the event.

Already floral tributes have started to appear at the impact site in eastern Mexico, including a battered teddy bears with a poignant handwritten note reading “steggersaurus angles 4ever in my haert.”

The silence will be followed by a photogenic child singing ‘Amazing Grace” in front of a poster for Jurassic Park 3.

The dinosaur community will be remembered for their substantial contribution made to society, not least turning into all that lovely oil.

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Creationist groups – known as dinosaur deniers – are objecting to the commemoration, insisting there is no evidence the dinosaurs actually existed.

“There ain’t no proof of nothin’ before 4000 BC”, said Simon-Bob Williams of Glen Rose, Texas whilst filling his pickup with petrol.

“Sez so in my Bible. I wrote it in there myself, special, like.”

“If there wuz dinosaurs, and there wuzn’t, they should have bought home defence weapons to protect themselves against unexpected meteor impacts.”