Jimmy Carr to acquire remainder of Bernard Manning’s material

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After a succession of gags about dwarfs and gypsies, comedian Jimmy Carr has announced he is to acquire the remainder of Bernard Manning’s old material.

Manning, who made a career out of jokes featuring dwarfs, gypsies, lesbians and people from Pakistan, died in 2007 leading to his jokes being ‘sadly neglected’ since then.

Carr denies being racist and sexist, and insists that by making such jokes he is being edgy and provocative and actually challenging attitudes.

“When you’re a successful and popular left-wing comedian there’s nothing like kicking a man when he’s down to make a point about kicking people when they’re down,” he told us.

“Obviously there’s an intellectual difference, which only my core audience of successful middle-class white people understand. If you don’t get my jokes, they’re not for you.”

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“The zeitgeist appears to be turning against brown people right now, and Manning had loads of jokes about them in the 1970s.”

“Have you heard the postmodern and ironic one about the one-legged Pakistani lesbian?”

Once he has worked his way through Manning’s old jokes Carr apparently intends to do some of Chubby Brown’s material before singing a few of The Macc Ladd’s songs.