Childless women are selfish monsters, claims idiot mob

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Any woman who doesn’t want children is automatically worse than Hitler, says an mob made up of fucking morons.

The mob, which has been gathering online under the name “Your Uterus, Our Business,” has been gaining traction over the last week by writing all in caps, yelling incoherently and getting really sweary.

“It’s a fucking disgrace,” head pitchfork wielder William Limpdick spat.

“A woman’s decision not to reproduce affects everybody. What am I supposed to tell my children? That some people don’t think they’re the centre of the universe? I want my kids to have healthy self esteem, thank you very much.”

Mob member Gemma Judgey said: “No, reproductive decisions are not private and personal ones, because they directly affect how validated I feel by society.

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“If a woman doesn’t want kids, she’s basically saying that I should have drowned mine at birth, and that’s unacceptable.

“Maybe the world is overpopulated, under-resourced and full of wars, disease and Justin Bieber, but not having a child is still the most selfish thing I can think of.”

In a public statement, Your Uterus, Our Business revealed that it will be lobbying the government to introduce a spare womb tax.

“An unused womb is a waste of anatomy, and we don’t see why childless women should be allowed to strut around with their fancy jobs, disposable income and vomit-free clothes at the taxpayer’s expense.

“We don’t care how many people they employ, or how much they contribute to the so-called economy, they’re a drain on society.”

“Now who wants to see pictures of our kids?”