Does World War III mean we can work from home, ask staff

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Workers across the country are wondering if World War III means they can avoid their daily commute.

With tensions between Russia and Turkey escalating following the shooting down of a Russian Su-24 by a Turkish F-16, office workers everywhere are wondering if there might be an upside to global armageddon.

Accountant Simon Williams told us, “I’ve seen the news, and it does look like everything is going tits up really rather quickly, but the traffic on the North Circular is murder at the moment so if the world coming to an end means I can work from home for a few days that’d be just great.”

“I mean, if the area around my office is going to be obliterated by some form a retaliatory strike for something we probably weren’t involved in, then the least they can let me do is watch it from the table in my kitchen?”

“On the plus side, I’ve been watching a lot The Walking Dead recently, so I’m pretty sure I could survive in a post-apocalyptic world.”

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“I mean, even primitive civilisations that have been bombed back to medieval times need accountants, right?”

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