Clock in office ‘definitely broken’ after showing it isn’t lunchtime yet

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Office workers have concluded that their clock is ‘definitely broken’ because it doesn’t show it’s lunchtime yet.

The clock has exhibited problems for many years, often stretching mornings in the office for many, many hours longer than they should be.

There also appears to be a problem with the computers because they’re also insisting there’s several hours to go before sandwich time as well, which can’t be right.

“There’s definitely some kind of technical problem in the office today,” worker Simon Williams told us.

Williams, who has a ‘very well developed internal clock’ claims to be one of those people who can decide how long to sleep and always knows what time it is anywhere he is.

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“I got here, oooh, hours ago, and it’s still not lunchtime? That doesn’t seem possible to me,” he added.

“Even though the clock doesn’t show it, I reckon it’s actually as late as three or four o’clock. I’m very confident there’s a serious issue here.”

In order to be sure staff have decided to call technical support to come and look into the issue, which should waste a few hours quite effectively.