Antiques Roadshow stumbles across ‘incredibly ancient’ iPhone 4

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The Antiques Roadshow has discovered an ‘incredibly ancient’ iPhone 4 whilst filming for their new series, they have announced today.

The handset, which is described as ‘so old it might as well run on clockwork’, is believed to date from some time in the middle ages and doesn’t even have Angry Birds loaded.

Antiques expert Simon Williams told us that he’d been talking to a man who’d brought in a boring picture of some sunflowers or something when suddenly he caught sight of his phone.

“It just hit me like a thunderbolt that he owned an original, almost perfect, iPhone 4 dating from perhaps as early as August 2010,” he said.

“It’s an incredible find. These things are so old that they’re like hen’s teeth. I might only see one or two during my entire career.”

“I understand that Piltdown Man used them for posting selfies and using a Caveman price comparison website called ‘Og Compare’.”

The owner was ‘gobsmacked’ to learn his worthless old phone might be worth up to £5 at auction.

Next week Antiques Roadshow are planning to investigate reports that a Nokia Lumia has been found amongst some Brontosaurus bones in a Norfolk tar pit.