Dignitas to open Curiosity Wing for terminally ill cats

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The Dignitas clinic in Switzerland is opening a Curiosity wing to provide ‘end of life’ services for terminally ill cats.

The new wing will cater for felines looking to end their life surrounded by loved ones whilst finally giving in to their inquisitive nature.

Dignitas spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “Dying with dignity is something we believe strongly in, and this should apply to all of God’s creatures. Even cats.”

“Every day we hear of cats suffering terminal illnesses without the ability end their lives.  Some of them try committing suicide seven or eight times before finally giving up and calling the professionals.”

“Our new Curiosity wing gives cats the opportunity to end their lives in the same way so many of their forefathers did.”

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“Curiosity has a pretty much 100% record in ending the life of cats, and it’s one we’re rightfully proud of.”

“No, I won’t explain the details of exactly how we do it, but it definitely doesn’t involve any sacks or any bats.”