‘Tears of Joy’ emoji to be worth 10 points in Scrabble

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Scrabble manufacturer Mattel is to introduce a new tile for the ‘Tears of Joy’ emoji after Oxford English Dictionary named it as word of the year.

With the scoring mechanic for the popular word game defined by what is in the dictionary, OED have left Mattel with no choice but add the new tile.

A Mattel spokesperson told us, “We did think about letting you play the blank as the Tears of Joy emoji, but clearly they would be too difficult for today’s attention-lacking youth.”

“So the new sets will include one emoji, worth ten points, but you can only play it at the appropriate place on the board, which will be determined which whichever 13 year old child is nearest.”

Amongst the first players of the new version of the game was Simon Williams, a long-time Scrabble fan and logophile.

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“This game is stupid, and I hate it,” he told us, before storming off.

However his 13 year-old daughter Emily explained, “It’s only because he lost to me.  Haterz gonna hate ? – that was 115 points right there.”

“Dad? Oh he’s in the garden burning all our dictionaries.”