Kay Burley exposes sociopathic dog that happily wagged tail in Paris

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Sky News presenter Kay Burley has today exposed the horrific behaviour of a sociopathic Golden Retriever that wagged its tail at the scene of Friday’s Paris terrorist attack.

‘Goldy’ the 5-year-old Golden Retriever was caught on film not only wagging its tail, but jumping excitedly at the sight of a ‘stick’, despite being just metres from the location of dozens of murders.

Burley told viewers, “This sick and depraved animal shows no empathy for those that have suffered.”

“Even now, when confronted by the press, it would rather sniff the anus of a passing dog than sit in mournful silence and reflect on the tragedy with a sad face.”

“When will this outrage end? What have the French people ever done to deserve such a callous animal in their midst?”

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Burley then went on to interview an animal expert who said that the dog may have been radicalised in what is known locally as a ‘dog pound’.

The expert told viewers, “These dogs get crammed in together in little more than cages, and can be exposed to all sorts of radical ideas.”

“Who knows what filth this dog has been led to believe? What might start with tail-wagging could escalate to full-scaled defecation.”

“There’s only one option left, we need to invade Syria.”