Shit musicals reach critical mass with ‘Crazy Frog: The Stage Show’

author avatar by 9 years ago

The slew of musicals based on any old wank reached its ultimate conclusion today.

“Crazy Frog: The Stage Show” tells the story of an irritating blue frog journeying through the late 90s on a flying motorbike with his wang out.

“We have reached a peak in creativity,” boasted Simon Williams, Director of terrible musicals for morons.

“People will flock from far and wide to hear ‘music’ that they were sick of after ten minutes the first time round.”

“It’s easy doing it this way as the songs are written already. We just weave a wafer-thin plot around it.”

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“In this case, the crazy frog is on a journey of self-discovery, pondering his purpose and existence as the only one of his kind in a vast and unknown world.”

“Just kidding, obviously. He’ll basically go “ehhh-bap-bap-bap-ehhh” quite a lot and play with his willy.”

“Once the run is finished, that will be the end of art. There will be nothing left to accomplish.”

Tickets for the musical’s initial eight week run have already sold out.

“Blimey” said Williams, “you lot deserve all you get, don’t you?”