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Both Fallout and Donald Trump present vision of America’s future as a despair-filled wasteland stuck in the 1950s

Donald Trump

The world was presented with a vision of America as a depressing wasteland populated by heavily-armed inbred rednecks yesterday as Donald Trump laid out his plans for the country.

Speaking shortly after the release of game Fallout, Trump described his vision of a country where a twee, idealised vision of 1950s Americana was overlaid by the appalling consequences of global conflict.

It would be a land where everyone could have a dog, smartwatch, hand-held thermonuclear weaponry, and be free to pursue the American Dream by wasting people for their caps.

Pledging to make America great again, Trump promised to achieve this by pursuing the economic and social policies of the 1950s whilst also directly engaging China in conflict, which sounded curiously familiar all things considered.

Trump is widely recognised as an iconic figure with his blue suit, blond hair flick, cheesy grin and thumbs-up sign. However, critics suggest this hides a darker reality hidden beneath.

“I’m not like any of the other candidates, flip-flopping all over the place”, he told us.

“Because Trump…Trump never changes.”

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