UK remembers war dead by bullying people into wearing poppies

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As the UK prepares to remember the servicemen and servicewomen who have died in the line of duty, it has emerged that there is no legitimate reason whatsoever for not wearing a poppy at all times.

Anyone not wearing a poppy will face over-the-top criticism, intimidation and a possible charge of treason if they appear on TV without the symbol of remembrance.

Decent people have welcomed the move with a NewsThump survey showing it was backed by 100% of people who definitely love Britain.

“Not wearing a poppy is like urinating on a cenotaph,” explained Gavin Hudson who took part in the survey.

“If you don’t wear a poppy then the only explanation can be that you support Islamic State.”

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Other survey participants expressed similar sentiments.

“My grandfather was killed fighting fascism during the Second World War,” revealed Miriam Longhurst.

“What better way to honour his sacrifice than by bullying someone into doing something that they’re not comfortable with.”