Man outraged as satirical website mocks something he likes

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A man on the Internet is absolutely outraged that a satirical website has mocked something he likes this morning.

Facebook commenter Simon Williams left several comments under the piece declaring that the story was “not funny” and giving a long and quite boring justification why his favourite thing was actually too serious to be mocked.

He then claimed not to care anyway and to have far better things to do than read the stupid website in question, before logging in several more times over the next few hours to repeat that he really, really didn’t care what anyone said in the comments he was reading.

He later posted to his Facebook account that it was stupid, and that he still didn’t care.

“Obviously I’ve got a great sense of humour,” Simon told us, proving that if you have to tell people how good your sense of humous, then it probably isn’t.

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“I’m not saying there are any sacred cows or anything, but the things I like are just too important to be funny.

“I just happen to think your time would be far better spent mocking things I don’t like.

“Everyone has a responsibility to make the world a better place and you’d achieve that best by agreeing with me on all things,” he told us earnestly, without blinking or pausing for breath.

Insiders at the satirical website report they expect Simon to have a serious meltdown tomorrow, when they plan to ruthlessly mock the political party he is deeply emotionally wedded to.