John Lewis Christmas advert highlights lack of funding for space exploration

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The new John Lewis Christmas ad has been released to show what happens when funding for space exploration is cut.

The cautionary tale shows an old man abandoned on the moon, and due to government budget cuts no rescue mission can be attempted.

Media consultant Simon Williams explains, “It is then left up to a six-year-old girl to try to save the day, and keep this old man alive.”

“But unfortunately, because she’s a six-year-old girl, she doesn’t send him supplies, oxygen and food – she sends him a telescope.”

“Probably so she can get someone else to watch her do some stupid dance thing she learned on YouTube.”

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“With that, the old man realises his fate is sealed and he sheds a tear knowing he will soon asphyxiate to death due to the lack of atmosphere on the moon.”

“It is quite a powerful social commentary on the state of funding for the sciences, when you think about it properly.”

“Actually, there are two morals to this story. If we go to the moon again, make sure you count all the astronauts at least twice before you leave, and secondly, don’t ever let a child be in charge of the rescue mission.”