John Lewis advert aims to raise awareness of buying products to show you care

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John Lewis’s Christmas advert has used the plight of a lonely old man living on the moon to help draw people’s attention to glow-in-the-dark pyjamas and smartphone games.

The strapline for the advert is: “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas”, and shoppers have duly obliged via the purchase of jigsaw puzzles and novelty balloons.

“I had tears rolling down my cheeks after watching the advert,” revealed overpriced tat fanatic Laura Sanders.

“I immediately went on the John Lewis website to buy a Man on the Moon activity pack and a hot water bottle.”

“I think I’ll put them in the loft with the Monty the Penguin oven gloves and salad spinner.”

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Rachel Swift, head of marketing at John Lewis revealed that the idea behind the advert is to make people aware that there could be someone close by who doesn’t see anybody at Christmas.

“If you buy them a telescope at £99.95 and open your curtains they’ll be able to watch you enjoying all the great things you’ve bought.” she said.

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