‘Dictionary’ is the word of the year, says dictionary

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The Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2015 is ‘dictionary’.

“It was a difficult decision,” said Colin Collins from Collins.

“I mean, there are bloody loads of words, like ‘jar,’ ‘wheel,’ and ‘stupid click-bait headline masquerading as news’.”

“But in the end, we felt that ‘dictionary’ best encapsulates what 2015 has meant for us, who all work for a company that makes a dictionary.”

The public appear unimpressed with the choice.

“Dictionary?” queried gibbon impersonator Simon Williams, failing to grasp the concept.

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“That’s like that thing that’s a bit like Google except on paper and without Taylor Swift videos? I’m not a fan.”

However, Mr Williams was quick with a suggestion himself.

“If it was me, I’d have probably gone with ‘word.’ That’s sort of the word for every year really, isn’t it?”

Mr Collins responded that he understood ‘dictionary’ might not be the word of the year for everyone but assured us that the final decision was hotly debated and could have gone a completely different way.

“Oh yes,” continued Mr Collins.

“We nearly went with ‘Collins’ as the Collins Dictionary word of the year, but it felt a little nepotistic.”

“Ooo, ‘nepotistic’ is a good word, must make a note of that for next year.”