PMQS: Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut recipe change dominates

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Cadbury’s controversial decision to change the recipe for the popular Fruit and Nut chocolate bar has dominated this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Labour leader continued his policy of reading out questions from the public.

“This is from Ida, from Hartlepool,” began Jeremy Corbyn.

“Why are you letting Cadburys add sultanas to the Fruit and Nut bar? My mother fought in the war.”

The Prime Minister tried to defend the quality of chocolate bars under a Tory Government saying that ‘those new malteaser reindeers are absolutely spiffing, I had Jeeves buy a box for the pantry.”

But Mr Corbyn wasn’t about to let the topic drop.

“From Harold, Southend,” he continued.

“Sultanas in the Fruit and Nut bar? We might as well just let Vladimir Putin have the country.”

The PM was left lost for words when Mr Corbyn accused him of ‘letting down the country for generations to come,’ over his handling of ‘Sultana-gate’.

The Fruit and nut crisis looks to be gaining traction with the PM’s own backbenchers muttering darkly about how this wouldn’t happen under Theresa May, and a planned protest on the streets of Birmingham expected to draw over 100,000 people.

With plans to remove the green ones from fruit pastilles over the next few weeks, this could well be the biggest test of David Cameron’s leadership to date.