Oxford English Dictionary to sue Taylor Swift for using ‘words’ in ‘Shake it Off’

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The Oxford English Dictionary is to bring legal action against Taylor Swift because she used words in her hit song ‘Shake it Off.’

“The words in the song ‘Shake it Off’ all appeared in the Oxford English dictionary prior to Ms Swift’s song,” said Simon Williams – Professor of Words at Oxford.

“Granted, the words were in a different order, and were interspersed amongst other words, but the fact remains that Ms Swift would not have been able to write this song without using words that first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary.”

The OED has been accused of launching a frivolous and inappropriate legal action because they’re essentially jealous of someone using words in a far more creative, appealing and fun way than they do and are just bitter old men looking to ruin everyone’s fun.

“Nonsense,” said Professor Williams, “can we have our money please?”

But fans of Ms Swift have come out in support

“The dictionary is stupid,” said Taylor Swift fan Freya, 13.

“It’s just loads of boring words, all in a big list. There’s no tune and you can’t dance to it.”

“It’s like Daddy’s Coldplay record.”