You’re either with us or against us, say inclusive & tolerant Jeremy Corbyn supporters

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Inclusive and tolerant supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have made it clear you’re either with them or against them this morning.

Supporters of Corbyn, who voted against his own party more than any other MP in history, have made it clear that sort of thing is right out now he’s in charge.

MPs who act like Corbyn will from now on be branded disloyal, and either face deselection or angry suggestions they just join the Tories and have done.

Whilst party activists who prefer a Social Democratic model will be advised to keep their heads down and their noses clean in order to fit into the new open and welcoming hierarchy.

Meanwhile the party is planning a ‘hearts and minds’ campaign to woo undecided voters by screaming “SCUM” at them until they realise the error of their ways.

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This will guarantee a large majority at the next election.

“There is no place in our tolerant and accepting society for people with differing opinions,” Corbyn supporter Simon Williams told us.

“The only possible reason for someone to disagree with Jeremy is because they’re evil or stupid, and why would we want them?”

“They should go back to Bongo-Bongo La- oh, damn, sorry. I mean they should leave the party for the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives where people like them belong.”