Child wins medal for ‘Best Pitch Invasion’

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A small boy has been rewarded for his unruly behaviour at a Rugby match.

11 year-old Simon Williams stormed the field at the Rugby World Cup Final and was promptly bollocked into the ground by a rampaging security guard.

He was then immediately presented with a medal by New Zealand player, Sonny Bill Williams.

“It was a cracking effort,” said Sonny Bill Williams, “you just don’t see that level of effort to break a security cordon these days.”

“This young man was willing to take a tackle from a grown man in order to invade the pitch, and that kind of spunk deserves a medal; specifically, my medal.”

11 year-old Simon said “I’ve never got a medal for misbehaving before.”

“I won a fiver off my mate at school once as he bet that I couldn’t take out a swan’s eye with an air gun, but this is quite a bit better.”

“Sonny Bill Williams is a legend. I’ve completely forgotten about my original plan to run onto the pitch and stab him in the thigh.”