Next delay in release of Chilcot report to be announced in June

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Sir John Chilcot has revealed when he expects to announce details of the next delay in publishing the Iraq War report.

In a letter to David Cameron, Sir John says the text of his excuses should be ready by June 2016.

“I remain committed to producing excuses about the length of time it is taking to conclude an inquiry that started over six years ago,” he wrote.

Sir John ended his letter to the prime minister by outlining some of the excuses under consideration.

Possible excuses include:

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  • My dog ate it.
  • What report? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • I left it on the bus.
  • I left it on the kitchen table and Tony Blair scribbled all over it.

Failing that, Sir John claim he would pretend to have a heart attack.

In a letter of reply to Chilcot, David Cameron said: “I recognise that dragging out this inquiry over several years is a significant task, but I would welcome any further steps to expedite the final stages of your excuses.”

Critics of the inquiry have expressed disappointment over the release date.

“No wonder it’s taking so long if they’re corresponding by letter,” one critic told us.

“Haven’t they got bloody phones?!”

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