BBC’s Antiques Roadshow reveals ‘least valuable’ find

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The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow programme has revealed it will broadcast the show’s least valuable item ever in April next year.

Though the specifics of the item are being kept secret, online speculation is rife that it is an old pub ashtray, approximately fifteen years old.

The show’s producers told us, “Everywhere we go, people bring various items of very little value to be gawked at by our experts for the entertainment of the nation, but even then we’re talking a couple of quid at the very least.”

“But this piece, which has been in the family since it was banned by the government, has set a new low.”

“I’m not going to say exactly what monetary value was placed on the item, but rest assured, it was practically worthless.”

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“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the April broadcast to find out.”