Woman on dating site ‘loves to laugh’

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A female has used her online dating profile to declare her unique love of laughter.

Stacey Carter, a 31 year-old woman with little to no imagination, is hoping to attract a mate who also enjoys the physiological response to something funny.

“I don’t know what it is about laughter” said Carter, “I just love it, it’s brilliant isn’t it? I hope I can find someone else who also enjoys laughter.”

“I also like music and films, but I don’t want to put people off with anything too niche, so I’ve not written those ones down. It’s good to retain an air of mystery, anyway.”

Carter’s profile has received a lukewarm response.

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“I like to laugh,” confirmed Simon Williams, another online-dater who definitely isn’t a serial-killer, “but I’d be really, really concerned by anyone who doesn’t like to laugh.”

“I’m sure even Hitler enjoyed the odd chuckle, in fact I’ve seen old footage where he’s definitely laughing.”

“So essentially all I know about this woman is that she has something in common with Hitler.”

“I’ll still send her a message though, she has nice tits.”